February 3-4, 2018
September 29-30, 2018

300 yard U-val, Closed loop, Boxed, NOTRA All-Breed Race Meet

Roll call 9 am.


Haggard Ranch
7655 Rawhide Road
Celina, TX 75009
(214) 914-0191

Contact Deann Haggard for RV inquiries, deannhaggard@msn.com or (214) 914-0191

Pre-entries taken till noon on Thursday prior to race date. Entries will be accepted by e-mail to Vicki Frey, vickifrey@sbcglobal.net, or by phone (214} 469-7095 (leave a message) or by snail mail to 14073 Mensano Dr., Frisco, TX 75035.

All we need for a pre-entry is your name, the dog’s names and their NOTRA numbers. You may turn in your entry forms and money during the gate entry period.

(see the getting started page for info on obtaining your NOTRA number)

Please pre-enter so we can have your plates made up ahead of time, and look up your previous records. This will greatly speed up the process on race day.

Un-entered dogs will be practiced as time permits between programs both Saturday and Sunday and following the race meet on Saturday.

Entry Fees:

Pre-entries (see above):

$12/dog for up to three dogs per household. Then $3/dog for each dog thereafter.

Gate entries:

$20 for the first dog and $15/dog thereafter

Water is available on site. Please bring your own shade.

Lunch will be available for $5/person.