helping out at the race meets

You Can Help!

LGRA race meets require a lot of effort from a lot of people. When you come to race, if you can, please bring a person along to help slip and catch your dog, since you can’t do both at once. Bring your spouse, significant other, granny, whatever. Who ever it is, if they have two legs and can count to four, we can put them to work!

In addition, when your breed is not running, please plan to help with other people’s dogs or by acting as a foul judge or finish line judge.

Descriptions of the role of the finish line judge and foul judge are included in the rules which you can find on the LGRA web site. Current rules are now available on the LGRA site.

There are lots of great articles on the Getting Started page as well. So, read up, and then plan to jump on in and help.